We are Zeal. A family of passionate, creative misfits who believe that every young kiwi is creative and who dedicate our lives to helping them discover, express and develop their unique creativity.

“The thing about being at Zeal for a while is that everyone is a bit weird, so you can be your own bit of weird and still fit in.” – Grace, 18
"I honestly am so thankful for the amazing people at Zeal. Without them I would be a completely different person.” – Mish, 17
"I would be so forever screwed without Zeal. I can't put into words how thankful I am... They have constantly supported me and loved me.”
“This place is like a second home to me... actually, no it’s my first home.” – Joey, 17
“I played around with music a bit before Zeal, but with all the resources I could try new things and explore music. It gave me so much more opportunity.” – Matt, 16
“They [Zeal] have supported us every step of the way and we will always know Zeal as the band’s home.” – As Colour Fades
“I used to have no goals... just doing the same thing every day. But now I have goals and someone I want to be in the future.” – Levi, 19, former Zeal young person turned youth worker.
“I believe that Zeal offers something that no other place does. I can’t think of any other venue that I’ve seen that allows teenagers (or anyone for that matter) to just jump in and get hands-on.” - Zack Marshall, former Zeal young person turned international touring sound man.
“Zeal means a lot of things to me, and becoming a volunteer here was one of the best decisions I ever made.” – Jordan, 16
“Above all, I think Zeal gave me hope.” – Maggie, 17
“I am reminded every week at Zeal that there are people who believe in me, that I am capable of so much, and there is at least one thing I am passionate about and can put my heart and soul into!” - Maggie, 17
“Being a consumer at Zeal made me happy, but being a contributor has brought joy to my soul.” – Ben, 22, former Zeal young person turned social entrepreneur and wedding photographer
“Zeal has helped me turn my life around.” – Ben, 18
“Now I can express myself.” – Mitch, 15
“Zeal’s not just a word, not just a place. It’s a family, it’s my family. I’ve gained Zeal for life.” – Abby, 17
“Zeal gave me a skill that I now use for work.” – Niwa, 19
“If it wasn’t for working with Live For Tomorrow [Zeal’s youth issues arm] I would never have developed a passion for youth work and been involved in the crazy things I’ve done this year, and I’m so grateful.” – Cody, 17
"You can come into Zeal with an idea of what you want to do and no idea how to do it and they'll help you with that. Zeal has definitely built my confidence that my dream can come true." - Sean, 16
“If it wasn't for Zeal I would be in prison.” – Dan

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We teamed up with kiwi artist Chloe Ruby to produce a set of beautiful phone wallpapers. Just click to download. Some are also available as gift cards.